STAR Reading Enterprise

Reports Plus Think Through Math, iStation, and Project Share

Edmodo Group Code

Sign up at

Group Code is dgxngc

Renaissance Place URL

Username: Netowork Username (i.e., same as you use to login to your computer)

Password: Employee ID

Report 1: Screening

Report 2: Instructional Planning

  • Prescription
  • Suggested Skills
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Think Through Math

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  • Xtendas
  • Hope to have loaded by end of month
  • Not exactly "web based"
  • Install at \\nocgsccm01\Pkgsource\APPLICATIONS\Caroline - Educational Apps\iStation, but please work with me if installing on Xtendas
  • Reports at
  • Test Student Accounts
  • Admin Accounts forthcoming
  • Test Admin Account - mine for now
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Project Share