Ott's Outlook

March 2020

Providing for our students goes beyond the 171 instructional days that we have with them each year. In Temple ISD, we want students to have learning opportunities that stretch beyond the classroom. We have been able to do this with secondary students on a global level through sponsored study abroad trips such as Germany, the Galapagos Islands, and Iceland. On a regional level, we have been able to send students on college tours through partnerships with groups such as the Rotary Club of Temple. And on a local level, we have been able to provide student internship programs and enrichment opportunities through partnerships such as Texas A&M University College of Medicine’s Mentoring Youth and Exposure to Medicine Program (MYE2M).

Moving forward we are exploring ways to bolster opportunities for elementary students and gifted learners. We are very excited about the potential to partner with Camp Invention. This program would provide our community with summer enrichment opportunities not currently offered in Central Texas. We have had discussions with a potential sponsor who may be able to offset the costs associated with Camp Invention for students and hope to launch this summer if funding support comes through.

The video below is another example of how our staff and community have come together to support our students with the very best experiences possible.

Thank you for your continued support of Temple ISD, our students and staff!

Bobby Ott

Student Spotlight: Sha'Kyhria Freeman


The following business have been recognized by the Texas Association of School Boards for their support of public education and Temple ISD:

  • Temple Chamber of Commerce
  • Temple Economic Development Corporation
  • Cultural Activities Center
  • City of Temple
  • NAACP Unit 6229

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We Celebrated Black History Month with activities across the district. Here are a few of the highlights...


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March 9-13 -- Spring Break--Temple ISD will be closed


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