Use/Abuse of Surveillance Tech

When does surveillance cross the line?

This is NOT okay

  • This is a random person following someone else
  • They probobly don't know this person AT ALL
  • This is not for security reasons and it's just plain creepy

Surveillance Backround

  • Surveillance can be used in Cameras, Listening devices/Bugs, cell phone chips, and so much more.This new surveillance technology has put some of us in a safe zone others put us in extreme danger.
  • This new technology has both pros and cons to its existence

These are some examples of surveillance

Pros and Cons of surveillance

  • Pro: You can use surveillance as a tool for catching fugitives.

  • Con:This tech is really left out for bad people to get their hands on

  • Pro: You can watch children and naughty pets while they're home alone

  • Con: You could invade someone's privacy or have youre's invaded

  • Pro: You can keep your loved ones away from predator

  • Con: Predators can try to get to your loved ones using this Tech

  • Pro: You could use surveillance for a baby moniter

  • Con: you can accidentally track a person through their daily lives (which is kind of disturbing)

  • Pro: You can protect your household while you are not home

  • Con: It's almost like you have no privacy since you're on surveillance a lot of the time.

This is so true (not supposed to be offensive to anyone)

Big image

Did you know?...

  • That even POLICE have been arrested for missuse of surveillence
  • This surveillance technology has really helped the law to catch many deadly criminals like Osama bin Laden and the boston bombers
  • Surveillance technology has skyrocketed over the last 10 years

My personal answer to the EQ

Personally, I believe surveillance should cross the line when you put someone or yourself in EXTREME danger.
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