Taylor Swift

By: Alysah Koch

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Taylor Swift’s concert tickets sold out in minutes. Isn't that amazing. If it is then you should read this article. I will tell you more about Taylor Swift. Taylor Swift has been my idle since I was a baby. I have always wanted to be like her. She’s the one who inspired me to get into music. I want to be a pop star like her someday. Her song mean helped me throw getting bullied.In this article you will learn about where it all began, getting bullied, and becoming famous.

Getting Bullied

Taylor started Getting bullied in junior high. Mean Girls stop talking to her. That would be very lonely. Taylor had to move to get away from the torture. She moved to Nashville in 2008.

Becoming famous

Taylor swift got discovered in 2008. She was only 16! She also started modeling for cover girl. She was also 16. Taylor’s first album is… should of said no. Last album is… 1989. Taylor started writing song when she was 5.


So now you almost know every facts about Taylor swift. Maybe the next time Taylor comes into town. Beg you're parents to go see Taylor Swift. So I hope you learned all you wanted to know.

Taylor Swift - Mean