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August 2021 UPDATE

Message from BCS Communications sent out on Friday, August 13

Good afternoon, BCS Staff and Families,

We have an important safety update for you today. The Board of Education (BOE) held a special-called meeting this morning (August 13) to discuss enhancements to the face covering requirements to begin the school year. The board voted to make face coverings universally mandatory indoors, regardless of COVID-19 vaccine status. We will still consider exemptions to this based on medical or behavioral challenges that would be impacted by a face covering.

This updated policy will not impact the current face covering requirements for indoor athletics. Athletes engaging in strenuous activity during practice or competition may temporarily remove their mask at that time.

Additionally, the board voted to adopt key metrics that will guide future decisions regarding face covering requirements. Those metrics are below:

  • BOE decisions to operate schools during the 2021-2022 school year will be reviewed, at a minimum, during each monthly board session in accordance with local COVID19 patterns and metrics.

  • As a benchmark only and subject to consideration of all relevant factors, the BOE would consider a change in face covering protocol in consultation with BCDHHS if the following local metrics were realized:

    • (Maintain or Tighten Requirements) Percent positivity rate equals or exceeds the state average AND/OR coded as either orange or red on the CDC Level of Community Transmissions Map AND/OR the number of student and staff positive cases and quarantines significantly increase over the 14 successive day time period.

    • (Reduce or Amend Requirements) Percent positivity rate remains below the state average AND coded as yellow or blue on the CDC Level of Community Transmissions Map AND/OR the number of students and staff positive cases and quarantines lessen over the 14 successive day time period.

The Board of Education appreciates the feedback received from staff, parents, and community members as they discussed today’s agenda items. We all know how important it is for our students to return to in-person learning, five days a week. A universal mask policy will protect the health of our school community, and should also greatly reduce the need to quarantine students named a close contact to a COVID positive case (Per local health leaders, non-symptomatic students wearing a mask consistently and correctly do not have to automatically quarantine if they are named a close contact).

We are striving to protect the valuable instructional time that our students will receive this year. We are focused on helping our students thrive and excel both academically and socially-emotionally. We look forward to a new school year and working in partnership with our families and community members to achieve this goal.

Thank you!

BCS Communications

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The Weaverville Elementary campus is landlocked and parking is very limited. For our "Meet Your Teacher" event, staff will park on the playground to provide more parking spaces for our guests. This overflow parking area is dependent on the weather and cannot be used if the ground conditions are too wet.

Please be courteous to others as you try to find parking.

The strip of gravel directly across from our school is private and there is no parking in this area. WvES staff and parents have been towed from this area in the past so please do not park there.

Class lists will be posted outside the main office using student ID numbers on Wednesday, August 18th by 3 PM. You may drive by at your convenience to find your child's placement. If you do not wish to do this, then we will help you at Meet Your Teacher.

The Parent Portal will be open at noon on Friday, August 20th.

Important Information about morning arrival

The WvES campus will open at 7:15 for morning arrival. Opening at 7:15 AM, is a convenience for our parents since many families have multiple drop offs in the morning. Please help us keep this option available by following the drop off guidelines.

Car Rider Drop Off

  • No students may be dropped off prior to 7:15 AM.
  • No students may be dropped off by the Cafeteria. Only those who are 'walkers/bike riders' and walk/ride to campus in the mornings should use this area.
  • We will NOT have an adult stationed at each car rider spot for drop off.
  • Starting at 7:15 AM, students may exit the car on their own. They should quickly move to the sidewalk and walk towards the main entrance.
  • Parents of car riders should wait until you are at the sidewalk to unload students. The first spot for unloading is marked with a (1).
  • Cars should pull up to the empty spots as close to #1 as possible. This helps our line flow smoothly.
  • It is preferred for your child to exit the car on the passenger side.
  • If your child must exit the car from the driver's side, they MUST walk in front of your car and then move to the sidewalk. This is a safety procedure.
  • A few staff supervisors will be available should your child need help.
  • WvES staff will be on duty outside from 7:15 until 7:55. At 7:55, students are marked tardy and parents will need to escort the child to the main entrance for entry since our doors are locked at this time.

Bus Rider Drop Off

  • Bus riders are dropped off at the mailbox near the main entrance.

Entering the Building
  • Students who enter the building between 7:15 and 7:30 will walk to the Cafeteria (car riders and bus riders).
  • Hand sanitizer will be provided to all students.
  • Students will be seated at least 3 feet apart while in the cafeteria.
  • At 7:30 AM, students will be dismissed to pick up a bagged breakfast (if desired) and walk to their classrooms.

Please remember that there is NO PASSING in the car rider line.

All students should be in their classrooms and ready to learn by 7:55 AM. We will not count tardies the first week of school in order to give everyone time to adjust to a new school year.

How do I access the school campus? How will car riders work?

Cars must use Yost Street to enter the car rider line and when leaving the school campus in the morning and afternoon. This keeps the car rider line flowing and limits backups on Main Street.

All parents of car riders MUST use the car rider line to pick up their child(ren) in the afternoon.

A few WvES families live next door to the school and they are considered 'walkers/bikers'. Parents of 'walkers/bikers' may come to the top of the stairs near the staff/visitor parking lot or the side of the school near the cafeteria doors to wait for their child to be called. Please do NOT come to the gym door due to physical distancing guidelines. If you do not live next to the school and walk to campus to pick up your child, this does not apply to you so you must use the car rider line.

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