Industrial Revolution

Cody West


  • The Industrial Revolution was the transition to new manufacturing processes between 1760-1840.
  • The transition was from going to making things with their hands to making things with machines.
  • Another was that it changed from wood to coal.
  • It was a very big turning point and almost every aspect of life was changed by this.
  • The overall population started to increase after this.

Important technological developments

  • Textiles- Cotton spinning used by steam or water helped the workers make more. Large gains were happening while doing this.
  • Steam power- Uses steam engines to lower the amount of fuel being used. This went a big expansion after 1800.
  • Iron making- Using coal to greatly help reduce the amount of fuel being used and the cost it has to buy and use.


I really liked how this helped everything when it was developed and thought it was pretty cool. Everything changed for the better once we started using machines and they helped a ton. It was cool because it changed every aspect of life and that's huge and how much costs it reduced and resources we didn't need to use anymore just made everything better so I thought that was really cool and I liked it.