The Life of a Dragon By Nathan

A Dragon's Secret

Dragons can be unique to study. For example, they have an amazing abilities no matter what color they are, they have a quick temper, and their scales protect them. Also each dragon can fly ,go under water, and go under ground. Also dragons can breathe fire and ice. Their main habitat is a volcano, an icy climate, a cave, or in the water. Dragons, I have learned, are fascinating creatures.

Did You Know?

Interesting Facts

Did you know that dragons can be any color and they can have any type of an ability!? Yes, in fact, a lot of dragons can teleport,fly,and swim.

Did you know that dragons have a quick temper? They sure do! Knights make them angry.

A dragon also protects its self. A dragon's scales can protect it from explosions,ice,fire,and a knight's arrows and daggers.