Safe Cell Phone Use


What Is It

Safe cell phone use is basically using your cell phone or device appropriately. Using your device appropriately is also connected to cyber civics and cyber bullying. Cyber bullying is when someone bully's someone online and is really big because depending on the situation the consequences might not be very pleasant. Cyber civics are learning skills that teach us how to be safe and "in our place" online.

Why Is It So Important


Safe cell phone use is very important because in the future when your getting a job they can look at your YouTube, Google even Facebook history. And sometimes if your not the person they thought you were they might not hire you. Cell phone safety is also very important because if you get into something like cyber bullying and you get in trouble you are not going to be very happy neither are your parents. This is a topic widely talked about and kids even adults should be very keen about this topic. Adults should also be very careful and use their phones appropriately as well because sometimes people text and drive which causes a lot of accidents.
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Author: Maisah Amir

Editor: Maisah Amir