Wild Times Zoo

By: Krista

Wild Times Zoo

Sunday, March 1st, 8am

101 Oak Street Green Bay, WI 54313

When Are We Open?

March 1- November 20

Monday-Wednesday 12pm to 9pm

Thursday-Friday 11am to 10pm

Saturday-Sunday 8am to 10pm

****If children wear our zoo colors (orange, green, or red) on Saturdays a child's admission is free!!


What does it cost to have a "Wild Time?"

Child's ticket is $9.00

Adult ticket is $12.00

New Exhibit!!!

We have just launched a new primate exhibit! This exhibit features monkeys, gorillas, and chimpanzees! For an extra 50 cents you can feed a monkey a banana or for $5.00 "monkey around" with the monkeys for 25 minutes. Don't worry you will have your own area to hang around!! Bring a friend along for $7.00.
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We also have a driveway dedicated for people that are dropping of an injured animal!!

Some Links On Types of Animals We Have


On every Friday morning packer wives help out with the animals. They help feed, give medicine (if needed), bathe, and clean cages and exhibits. Every Wednesday Dairy Queen raises money for the zoo. For each blizzard sold $1.00 is donated to the zoo. Only at the Glendale Avenue location!!

1951 Dinner on The 4th of July

The Zoo has also partnered with 1951 West for a fundraising dinner on the Fourth of July. Every chicken dinner sold, $10.00 is donated to the zoo for animal food, care, and replacing cages.

Logo Contest

We need a logo for the Wild Times Zoo

Vote for your favorite at www.wildtimeszoo.com

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***Winner of the contest gets free zoo admission for a year!!