The Laws Of Physics Applied To Our Universe

Why Am I Interested In This Astrophysics?

I'm interested in this astrophysics for I want to study the causes of how our universe was made and the prediction of the future for our world and the cosmos. Also I want to find evidence based on my beliefs towards evolution , the theory of the big bang ,and the study towards the rest of our cosmos. I've also been exposed to many books and videos about this subject explained by Dr.Neil Degrasse Tyson and Dr.Brian Cox .

Why Would I Enjoy This Job?

First of all , physics involves mathematics ,and this subject in school is appealing to me for I love to learn in math class and science as well. I want to know how things work mathematically and scientifically for the cosmos is everything in our universe , plus I do science projects on physics at home as well.My personality to find out how things work , for I would be willing to work in a laboratory on a computer or to look in a telescope at the stars as my science career.

What Is Astrophysics?

Astrophysics is the study of the universe ,focusing on the life,birth,and death of stars,planets and galaxies.They apply the laws of physics and chemistry to all things in the cosmos for astrophysicist is the combination of astronomy ,physics,and cosmology.

Training And Education Requirements

In high school if you want to be a astrophysicist you need to be excelled in Physics Prep ,Chemistry Prep, English Prep , advanced functions,Calculus and Vectors Prep, and you have to be high leveled in math especially .You should have grades over 80% and should already have a education in physics ,astronomy,and mathematics.When in college you should have at least 8 years of college in this filed to get a respected position in this study.
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$$$ $$$Annual Salary$$$$$$

The annual salary for a astrophysicist is..........

Around 55,000$-93,000$

depending on your education and what type of research of study in this field of science


Other Related Occupations

Astronomy ,cosmology,physics ,mechanics,atomic and molecular physics and Chemistry are all related to astrophysics.

Fact Facts

  • Each year the cost for the study for astrophysics rises .
  • Astrophysics and astronomy are different things astronomy is the study of objects in space while astrophysics applies the branch of physics to this study.