Our Fourwheeler Ride to the River

By:Austin Cline


Our Four Wheeler Ride to the River

My brother and I planned out a four wheeler ride that we will make happen this weekend. Weather permitted our plan to make a trail down by the river so we can return time and time again. We mapped out the trail by the river on our land. Our first plan was to pack a chainsaw encase we have to cut our way into the woods. Cody had a good point make sure we pack gas and oil for the chainsaw.

Also we need to pack a cooler for

drinks and a snacks. We plan to make a

long day in the woods. We were told there is a cabin on the river, our parents told us it was there,

but we must find it. Our parents also played on the same

river when they were kids. The day has

come; we take off to the woods Cody was driving, I was on t

he back holding all of the supplies

that we needed for the day. Soon we approached a hill Cody stopped. Cody said we could make

it up the hill so we started going up the hill, Then the front of the four wheeler started coming up but Cody kept on

going, the front of the four wheeler came up and over on t

op of us, We finally got if off of us we

lost all of the stuff that we had packed, thank god we did n

ot get hurt.

Overcoming Adversity

we went home and rested, then woke u the next day and started where we finished.
We finally reached a little cabin on the river