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Weekly Update- October 19, 2017

Week at a Glance

Reading- I've been very impressed with the letters students have been writing to me in their Readers Notebooks! They are thinking deeply about what they are reading. I've noticed that we need to continue working on main idea, so we will focus on that next week. Newsela login information will come home next week, sorry for the delay, but I wanted to be sure students were ready to explore on their own before sending it home.

Math- We are continuing with unit 2- multiplication strategies.

Social Studies- We were supposed to mail out Flat Stanley packages this week, but I'm still waiting on several addresses. If you haven't yet sent in an address, please do so.

Science- We did part 2 of our matter science experiment this week. Students had many "wonderings" such as: what happens if we use coke instead of water, what happens if we freeze the water, what happens if we heat up the water, what happens if we use all the colors of food coloring? We explored those Monday and had some interesting findings, such as :

  • heating up the water made the mixture bubble faster
  • making the water colder made the mixture bubble slower
  • using Pepsi instead of water made a lot more bubbles and it reacted for much longer than the water did.

Writing- We learned about Informational writing and started our first informational piece today.

Click here to see the homework menu for the week. You only have to chose one activity from each column. Remember, it's not due until next Friday and the Design Challenge is optional.

State Testing

We will be taking the Ohio Reading Test on the mornings of October 25th and 26th. The test will be given in two parts. It is important that all students are present, well rested, and have eaten breakfast on the day of the test.

Math MAP Test

This year we decided to use the Bridges Growth Assessment to show math growth, rather than using the MAP test. We will still be taking the MAP math test in December and May, so you will get winter and spring results.

I can go over Bridges Assessment results with you at conferences. I think it would make more sense for me to explain the results face-to-face, as they may not make much sense without comparison data.


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