The Death Catchers

by Jennifer Anne Kogler / reported by James Tabony

The Death Catchers.

  • The Death Catchers is about Bizzy, Jodi, and Lizzy. Bizzy is Lizzy's grandma. They are both death catchers. A death catcher is someone who can save someone's life. A death specter is when you get a vision about someone going to die. the vision is what you might read in a newspaper article. When Lizzy had her first death specter. She was confused about everything Bizzy was talking about. After Bizzy explained everything to Lizzy, she told bizzy everything she saw before it happened. Lizzy's death specter is about Jodi, Lizzy's best friend! Jodi was supposed to get ran over by a car, but Bizzy saved her. I chose this book because I needed to catch up on reading.


  • This picture reminds me of Drake's lighter his grandfather gave him. He uses the lighter for light when he paints. He paints in the dark because his dad doesn't like him painting, but he does not smoke. he uses this lighter for light when he paints.