This Week In Second Grade

*Measurement*Homographs*Experimental Design*Who Am I*

Welcome Back! I Missed Your Smiling Faces!

This week in class, we move back to literature as we read April and her Family. In addition students will be taking home their biography for the Who am I project to be read at home. We will continue to do Status of the Class during this time. Students will be studying homographs in grammar. In math, we will explore capacity and weight. On Thursday we will prepare for Friday's unit test on measurement. In science, we will begin one of my favorite areas of study--experimental design. It is so beneficial for students to be exposed to how we set up an experiment and why we follow this procedure from simple to complicated experiments.

Here is a fun story we will use to learn capacity!

The Royal Land of Gallon

In the royal land of Gallon, there live 4 Queens (quarts).

Each queen has a Prince and a Princess (pints).

Each prince and princess has 2 Children (cups).

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