Followers are called Christians


This religion most people believe in the world. Christianity is a big religion and believes in one God, Jesus Christ, and the Holy Spirt. This religion is not the longest or oldest religion out there but it started a long time ago. Christianity has many sects. That shows how big the religion is.

God and Common Figure

There Gods name is God. The common figure is Abraham for the christian religon.

Common Holy Site

Common holy sites is include the church of Holy Sepulchre and additionally, Bethlem the sire of Jesus birth.

Holy Book

Holy Bible: Old Testament is the Hebrew Bible; new testament is the Gospal (story of Jesus life and teachings) and spread of message by a altar.

Key Beliefs


Sabbath is the day of rest on Sunday

The Father, Son-Jesus Christ, and the Holy Spirt

Declaration of thru atonting sacrifice (for forgiveness of sin) of Jesus Christ (Son of God) who died for sake of mans sin and rose again three days later.Enternal life in Heaven.

Praciticed and Rituals (Sacraments)

Bowing is the marks Christian's entrance into church

Holy Communion is sharing bread and wine to remember Jesus's Last Super ( last meal with his followers before he was crucified).

Place of worship and Worship leader

The worship place is a church. The worship leader has many titles, including: ministers, preacher, preists, pastor.

Church hierachy can include titles such as bishop, caedinal, and pope(Roman Cathloic).

Most common Sects


Protastints(includes Baptists, Methodists, Church of Christ, Presbyterian, etc).

Orthodox (ex: Greek orhtodoxx, Russian Orthodox, etc)

Holidays, Holy Day, Worship Days

Christmas is the celebration of the Birth of Jesus Christ.

Easter is the celebration of the sacrificial death and resurrection of Christ which allows believers to live with God enternally in Heaven.