Early Adulthood

By: Chassity France

Health Factors Affecting Individuals

Its very very important to be able to know about your families medical history because most things that affect you are based upon biological factors(Genes). most causes of death during adulthood are: AIDS 35 per 100,000, accidents 32, cancer 28, heart disease 20, homicide and suicide 15. That's why keeping track of your health at a young age is important. Body functions are fully developed in mid twenties. Most medical visits are for injuries or pregnancy.

Supportive Agencies or Resourses

During the early adulthood stages is when most women decide to have their children and that means that they'll need to see an OBGYN throughout the whole pregnancy, also after the baby is born the mother and father will need to find a good pediatrician. It's proven that a lot of younger adults get involved in counseling if they have lived a not so great childhood because that's there way of cooping and finding ways to help with the emotions so it doesn't effect them forever.

What a Good Time Looks Like

The Begining of Life In The Real World!!!!

Health & Wellness

A healthy lifestyle all depends on making good decisions. Taking good care of your body by eating healthy and not just living off of fast food. Make sure to keep up with exercise daily for at least 30 minutes. To prevent health problems have good hygiene, find a primary doctor

To Prevent Stress

Stay healthy so there is no worrying about weight. Exercise to relieve stress. Always think of the positive because negativity is bad on everyone. listen to music that puts you in a good mood. The less you worry the less stress.
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