Classical Conversations Doylestown

Weekly Update - Week 24

Scripture for Meditation

Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding;
in all your ways submit to him, and he will make your paths straight.

Proverbs 3:5-6

Plans for Next Year

As I mentioned in the opening and e-mail last week we will be moving ahead with starting a new Community in Chalfont next year. I covet your prayers and there are a lot of unknowns. We ask for your patience, and commitment as we move forward. We are in need of leadership at both locations so if you would be willing to direct or tutor, please speak to me so we can begin to get some of these pieces put into place. Please understand existing families will take priority for their first choice of location, however the group that will stay at Family of God must get considerably smaller in order for us to continue meeting there. The first priority will be for families who have older siblings in Challenge, then location preference. Your flexibility with this is greatly appreciated.

If you have already turned in your registration to me and would like to indicate your preference on location, please do. If I don't hear either way then I'll assume you're open to either. Thank you!

Pizza party!

We'll be ordering pizza for lunch this week. Please bring cash! We will be ordering only cheese pizza, gluten free is available. You can order by the slice ($2 each) or a whole pie for your family.

Bake Sale!

This Tuesday, April 12th, a bake sale will be held at lunch in the hallway near the kitchen door. Several members of the student council will be preparing a variety of baked goods. All goods will be "sold" for a donation of the buyer's choice. The funds raised at the bake sale will be used to feed hungry children who attend Cabaret Haiti Mission's schools. (

Thank you for your kind support,

CC Doylestown Student Council

Free Books and Homeschool Supplies

Heather Zloty will be bringing some books and supplies looking for a good home. They'll be available to look through during lunch.

Save the date!

Our End of the Year Celebration will be May 6th in the evening. Location and details to come.

Summer fun!

I'd like to start getting some events on the calendar for the summer. A sign up will be available on the counter in the kitchen for people to plan and/or host a fun get together, field trip or fundraiser. Please consider how you can contribute to our community by stepping up to plan an event. It can be a simple night out for coffee, or something more elaborate.

Practicum in Perkasie

Thursday, July 21st, 9am

1830 North Ridge Road

Perkasie, PA

Our Practicum is on the calendar for July 21-23. Please schedule your summer plans around this encouraging and equipping event. You can find out more and register here Haven't attended one? Talk to someone who has to see how beneficial it is!

Standardized Testing

Standardized testing is scheduled for May 2nd and 3rd. Early Registration ends on April 10th. Any late registration will have additional fees added. We are in need of several proctors. You must have a 4 year degree to proctor the exam. If you are willing to serve in this way please contact Jessica Harper.

At Classical Conversations Testing Services, we believe that standardized testing is an important part of preparing students for college entrance exams, whether your state mandates testing or not. We take a very pragmatic attitude towards testing: The test results are not as important as the skill of test-taking, though achievement tests do provide parents with reliable data for evaluating progress in language and math skills. Each year, we offer local, on-site testing for grades 3–12 through our communities.

Family Presentations

Family presentations this week is the Aldrich family.

Weekly Student Presentation

Reflection: Share a favorite memory or five details about your year in CC.

Travel along with the Burleighs

The Burleighs are headed out on a 7 week family trip to Africa and Europe. If you would like to follow along they'll be updating their blog while they're away. Please pray that they have save travels, stay healthy along the way and are able to make some wonderful family memories. They'll also be serving in several ministry opportunities, so please pray they'll be able to minister effectively.

Calling all photographers

Have you been taking pictures in class, on field trips or special events? We'll need your photos and videos for the end of the year celebration. Please start collecting your favorites and load them on a USB stick or CD for Courtney Oslon. If you could also upload them to the pica boo account below, that would be so helpful. Thanks!

The Moore Family

Please continue to pray for Gideon. He is having ongoing treatment and they're seeing small improvements. Ruth and Dave are in the process of arranging in home nursing care that will allow Ruth to have time to rest, spend with her older boys and leave Gideon in the care of capable hands.


I've set up an account at to start collecting photos for our yearbook and end of the year slide show. Go to this link and upload your photos from field trips, class or other events and activities. If anyone would like to take over the management of this, I would love to pass it along!