January Newsletter

Happy New Year!

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Get Goal-ing in January!

We're still focused on following up with Dot Dollars earners until the 5th--let's turn some of those customers into JANUARY hostesses! See the Words to Say at the end of this newsletter, jump onto our Southern Charms team page, and comment on the thread when you send your message to be entered to win fun prizes! Don't forget to follow up with a phone call after sending your message!

There are several INCREDIBLE opportunities to start 2016 strong with a training call this week.

Chain Gang Team Call with Jess and Charlotte!

Don't miss it! :)

Monday, January 4th in the evening

Time and dial in info will be posted on our team page!

Start January Strong - All Stylist Call led by Danielle and Special Guests!
Tune in to the all stylist call as Danielle and top achievers from January 2015, Cathy Matthynssens, Sarah Spurrell and Ali McNeely, share tips on how to start your year strong! Don't forget to email coaching@stelladot.com with a question you would like to ask LIVE on the call. You will be contacted if you are selected to ask your question.

Tuesday, January 5th at 10am PT | 1pm ET

Dial In: (800) 747-5150 | Access Code: 2390843

Get Goal-ing!

Not sure where to start after the holiday madness? Take a deep breath, reflect on the awesomeness of 2015, smile, and start here:

1. Declutter! Having a clean clear space helps me have a clear mind....so start there!

2. Goals: this is a 2 part one!

  • This is a GREAT video about goals. Put the ear phones on around any little ears....she drops a few f-bombs: https://youtu.be/Y-eCx_AfDnQ
  • I love lululemon's vision & goal-setting guide. The idea behind it is that you start off with your 10-year vision and work backwards to set smaller, shorter-term goals that align with the long-term vision. The 10-year time frame helps you remove the boundaries of time and money to think BIG about what you REALLY want (not just what you think is possible). I printed out these worksheets and am working through them this weekend.: http://blog.lululemon.com/vision-goals-why-we-love-them-and-how-to-get-started/

3. Know that I am SO grateful for being on this journey with you and cannot wait to see what's in store for 2016!!

Stay tuned to your inbox for goal setting tips this month!

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ANOTHER amazing month filled with loads of trunk shows, new Stylists joining our girl gang, achievements in sales, and promotions!!!! Watching each of you grow and achieve your goals is the BEST part of this business! Congratulations on an awesome December!


Ellen Alford, Senior Stylist

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Samantha Reed, Associate Stylist (In Jumpstart!)

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Congrats to our Top Sellers in December!

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Congrats on hitting your JUMPSTART!

Who brought a friend along for the ride? KUDOS!

Please welcome these new Stylists!

Congrats on earning your STYLEFIX Spring Collection Shopping Spree!

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Ashley Ulrich

Kalie Roberts

Helene Brito

Jessica Burnett

Ellen Alford

Lana Hoang

Rebecca Perry

Christina Grant

Bonnie Bontempo

Samantha Reed

Deirdre Feeney

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Natalie Powers

Hester Fletcher

Becca Jones

Jill Reiter

Chelsea Wilson

Sarah Deyerle

Jackie Fitzgerald

Danielle Debien

Kristen Prentice

Jessica Wood

Stephanie Bittner

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Want to Earn MORE?

What's your promotion goal for 2016? Whether you will be promoting for the first time or growing your business to get to the earnings level that fulfills your WHY, January is an excellent time to set the bar high for your business this year!

Associate Stylist is Easier to Achieve than EVER Before!

Associate Stylist is a no-brainer! This is totally achievable if you're brand new or a seasoned Stylist. Let me know if you want to go for this level so we can create a custom plan!

Benefits of being an Associate Stylist:

-$100 CASH bonus (+ $100 more when you hit your pay rank again within 6 months)
-$250 in product credit ($500 if you are in Jumpstart!)
-Earn coaching commissions
-Earn your stylist exclusive charm bracelet
-This is more fun with friends! Share your ‪#‎SDjoy‬
-Be an emerging leader
-Earn commission bonuses and your STYLEFIX coupon

How to get there:

-minimum 1000 PQV (personal sales)
-at least 1 qualified stylist on your team (she sells 500 PQV)
-minimum 2500 GQV (group sales)

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Words to Say...

Turn Dot Dollars orders into Trunk Shows!

That's right - we are embarking on a challenge to turn your Dot Dollars orders into debut trunk shows in January. Dot Dollars are the perfect way to work on your relationship building with your customers. And what better way to do that than by offering to bring the new Spring jewels to them and get them a FREE shopping spree?!!!

So here's what we are going to do - every time we get a DD order, we are going to immediately follow up with this message:

Hey there! Thank you so much for your Dot Dollars order - I love seeing you scoop up some style for a steal! If you love our line now, let me tell you - you are going to drool over what's coming on 1/12 with our Spring collection! I just saw it all and it's to die for!!! Just thinking - I'd love to bring it all over to you and your friends so you can check it out in person. Then they shop and you get tons for free! What do you think? January is the perfect time to do it - things have slowed down and people are ready to relax and reconnect! Could 1/12 or 1/14 work for you?


Do you have a BIG 2016 goal? Break it down into bite-sized pieces. What do you need to do in JANUARY to get there? Book 2, 4, or more Trunk Shows? Sponsor a new Stylist? Reach a personal sales goal?

What about your Q1 goals? Earn your StyleFix? Qualify every month? Make $1000, $5000 or more? Want a promotion? I would LOVE to hear all about it. Let me know how I can help!

XO, Charlotte