Woodridge News Update

Young girl gets diagnosed with a rare disease!!

It was just a few days ago when Emily Jones got diagnosed with Sickle Cell Anemia. Sickle cell anemia has to with the shape of the red blood cells turning into a sickle shape. The symptoms are pain in chest, stomach, and bones. which Emily had. Emily (to the right) was complaining of these symptoms so she went to see Dr. D. Hauer (middle) who was quite confused about Emily's symptoms. There were many possibilities to what she could've had. Dr Hauer prescribed Emily with a special pain medication and called it a night.

Dr. Hauers thoughts....

"I could not figure out what Emily had" Said Dr. Hauer. "But I was determined to find out. I decided to look at her symptoms and run tests on her. She had come in with pain in chest and joints and also a breathing problem. There were many possibilities to what her disease could have been but this one was the most accurate to her symptoms."

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