GSES Pre-K News

A Peek Into Our Week!

Albert's Thanksgiving Story Sequencing

This week we will be working on story sequencing with a fun Thanksgiving book: Albert's Thanksgiving. Sequencing is one of many skills that contributes to students' ability to comprehend what they read. Sequencing refers to the identification of the components of a story — the beginning, middle, and end — and also to the ability to retell the events within a given text in the order in which they occurred. The ability to sequence events in a text is a key comprehension strategy, especially for narrative texts. Sequencing is also an important component of problem-solving across subjects.

Handwriting Without Tears

This week students will be introduced to the letter formation of upper case Q. The terminology that we will use in class is “Magic C, Big Curve, Little Line. Students will generate a fluency word list of Q words following the book, Alpha Tales Q. To continue overall strengthening of hands and finger, provide your child with squeeze toys such as: balloon pump, paint sprayer, large squirt gun, or spray bottle. You can add food coloring for added interest.


This week we will continue to work on numeral writing. We have introduced numerals 0-2 so far and will introduce numeral 3 this week. Here are a few fun and different ways to practice numeral writing at home. Play “Guess My Number.” Have your child write a number on your back and guess the number based on the strokes. Another idea is to mold clay, cookie dough, or pipe cleaners to form numbers.

Queens and Quarterbacks Day, Friday, November 20th

We will conclude our letter Q week with Queens and Quarterbacks Day. It could be as simple as adding a crown to their uniform, wearing a simple princess dress (that you already own) with school shoes. (Please no wands or accessories.) Quarterbacks can wear a jersey or team t-shirt with jeans and tennis shoes (no helmets, footballs or pads).

Cold Weather Reminder

Please be sure to have all sweaters and jackets labeled with your child’s name as cooler weather arrives. (Please include a rain jacket or poncho each day in your child's back pack as wet weather is projected for the winter season.) Please know that students go out to recess unless it is below 40 degrees, and it is important that the children have a warm coat/jacket. In the event your child should lose an article of clothing, please check in our building and then the Lost and Found in Lower School.

Angel Tree

This week we will focus on our school’s mission statement which is to inspire children to learn with confidence, serve with compassion, and lead with courage. Many students will participate in the annual Good Shepherd Angel Tree on Wednesday, November 18th. It’s not too late to turn in the permission form. If you would like to pick an ornament with your child, the best time is before school. Students will have an opportunity to go to the CCL as a class and choose an ornament as long as your child has turned in a permission slip. In the classroom, our discussions will focus on the importance of sharing and giving to others. Thanks for being such great role models for your children!

Holiday Sharing

Thanks to all who signed up for our Holiday Story Time. (Wondering Whales look for a Sign-Up Genius this week.) If you haven’t signed up yet there are open times available on the Sign up Genius. Please remember that each story time is limited to a 15 minute block of time. Thank you for your participation and time! We look forward to celebrating the holidays with you!

Book Fair

Come visit the GSES Book Fair, happening all week in the library. Students in the lower school get excited about the Book Fair by making wish lists. You will receive your child's wish list as a PicCollage, sent via email, on either Monday or Tuesday. The Book Fair is a great community event, and is a perfect opportunity to shop for Christmas gifts. Books are also wonderful to include with Angel Tree donations. See you at the Book Fair!

Important Dates:

November 18th- Angel Tree Adoption Day CCL Lobby

November 23-27- Thanksgiving Break

December 3rd- Angel Tree Gift Return Day in Kincaid

December 4th- Scottish Rite Field Trip