Let's Talk about Fat!

By: Mr. Smith and Mr. Forster

Nutritional Information

Contrary to popular belief, fat is actually a nutrient and is important for our bodies. Fat provides us with the energy we need to function at school, at home and even on the soccer field. Fat provides a cushion to help protect our vital organs – without fat our organs would be more prone to damage. Furthermore, fat acts as an insulator, helping us to maintain the correct body temperature. Some fatty acids – like omega 3 – provide other health benefits like improved brain function. Fat also makes food taste better.

However, there are two types of Fat. Good fat and bad fat.

Good Fat:

- Also called unsaturated fats

- Fish, 'grass-fed' butter, nuts and vegetable oils

Bad Fat:

- Also called saturated fats

- Chips, french fries and hamburgers


Examples in Advertisements

Big image

What Is This Advertising Saying?

This advertisement claims that these french fries have 40% less fat and 30% less calories than the leading brand. French Fries are deep fried in oil, which is a bad fat. These french fries however, do not use as much oil.

What Misconceptions does this Advertisement Show?

- That Fat is bad for you

- Just because these French Fries are low in Fat, then this means that it must be healthy for you

- French Fries, no matter how much fat or calories, are bad for you

- Although you can eat them sometimes, it is important to keep a healthy diet

- Fats are good for you!!

- But you should eat healthy sources of Fat like nuts, avocados and butter