Eagle's Nest Family Newsletter

August 2022

Maria Montessori Quote for August

The didactic material must be always beautiful, shining and in good repair, with nothing missing, so that it looks new to the child, and is complete and ready for use.

Education for a New World, Maria Montessori, page 68

Some of our beautiful Montessori materials!


  • Absence Communication Information
  • Afterschool Pickup
  • Upcoming Events/Dates
  • Camptown
  • Food Pantry, Thursday
  • Technology Agreement
  • IPS Dress Code/Uniform Policy
  • CLD: Precious Miss
  • How can I help?

  • Schoolwide Expectations Matrix
  • Montessori at Indians Game
  • Spirit Wear
  • Dress Code Policy
  • Volunteer Information
  • Eagle Fan Club
  • Help/Questions

Thank you for letting the school know at either 317-226-4256 or fwp356@myips.org if your child will be absent.


We utilize a dismissal app called iDismiss. You must display this number in the front windshield of your car during pick-up. All families were mailed a tag with each child’s name. You will receive a designated tag that corresponds to your family. If you don’t have your tag, you MUST come into the Main Office to pick-up your child and to get a new tag. Staff cannot check identifications or give children to unauthorized pick-up cars. Staff will not load other people’s children in your car; you must go through the office and sign the other child out, unless it is a DAILY routine, and both numbers are displayed.


  • Cell phones should not be used when the vehicle is in the loading area as we need your full attention to make sure everyone’s safety is ensured.

  • Approach the school from the south as you proceed north on Columbia Street.

  • All entering and exiting of vehicles is to occur on the passenger side ONLY, with the vehicle at the curb.

  • Please follow the directions of the staff, as this duty requires a lot of multi-tasking.

  • Do not attempt to drop off or pick-up your scholar if you are traveling south on Columbia Street. Enter the pick-up line from the south, traveling north. Student and staff safety is our top priority. By not following the guidelines we could have an accident that could cause injury. No one wants that for their child or any other child. School Police may ticket cars coming from the north.

  • Once the student has excited the car they must go directly to the building’s main entrance, Door 1. A staff member will be there to assist them.

  • Please understand that for this to work safely, we have to require that everyone follows the guidelines. If you do not, you will have to park daily and walk your child into the school. We do drop off/pick up as a convenience for parents but we must have everyone’s cooperation to make it work. The staff on duty is spending time outside doing this no matter what the weather is so please appreciate their efforts to serve the students as efficiently as possible.

  • Students should be able to exit the car on their own.

  • Drivers and passengers are expected to follow all directions of the Francis W Parker Staff members directing the line. The safety of our students and staff is our number one priority! With your help we can make our car rider line safe and efficient.

Upcoming Events/Dates

August 8: NWEA Assessment for all students grades k-8 this week

August 9: Camptown Team Building for middle school

August 25, Thursday: Social and Emotional Night, Eagle Fan Club and State of the School

September 5-6: No School for students


To learn more about this important partner of Parker Montessori, click here.

The Parker Montessori Food Pantry will be stocked and open this Thursday, August 11!

Student Technology Use Agreement

Please find the IPS Technology Use Agreement here. Thank you for reviewing it and signing digitally.

Dress Code

Thank you for following the IPS Dress Code Policy. All students should be in IPS uniform each day for school. It is always acceptable to wear Parker Montessori swag. In addition at our school, Wednesday is College Day, and any College, University or Military shirt is acceptable.
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How can I help?

Many parents ask how they can contribute to the school. Each month we will share a particular need of the staff. If you can contribute, please bring items to the school office and Ms. B, our secretary will receive your items. Thank you in advance for contributing to our team of adults who work daily on behalf of your child(ren)'s education.

August: sparkling bottled (or canned) water

Ongoing-You have seen this before:

Please review the Expectations Matrix. These are the behavior expectations for our community.

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Montessori Night at Indianapolis Indians Game

Join Montessori families from McClellan School 91 and Carver School 87 for a family evening at the Indians game. Purchase tickets here.

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Dress Code Policy

Find details about IPS Dress code here.

Do you want to volunteer?

Adults may volunteer this school year if an approved background check is on file with IPS. Applications are located at https://myips.org/get-involved/volunteer/.
All volunteers must wear masks in school.

Please do not plan to bring younger children.
Mrs. Abuul-Aleem will contact volunteers regarding application status.

Join Eagle Fan Club on Facebook

Please join the Eagle Fan Club Facebook page by clicking either of the following links.

Eagle Fan Club Facebook page - https://www.facebook.com/EagleFanClub

Eagle Fan Club Facebook Group - https://www.facebook.com/groups/eaglefanclub

If you need HELP or have questions:

If you need help or have questions, please get in touch with our FACE (Family And Community Educator), Mrs. Abdul-Aleem at either: abdulaleem@myips.org or 317.406.7170.

Or phone the main school number at 317-226-4256 and Ms. Buchanan-Schwanke (sometimes called Mrs. B), our Administrative Associate, will assist you with questions and technology help.

Parker Montessori Vision

We are people, serving in a carefully prepared learning environment, empowering students to use diverse experiences and knowledge to find their purpose, reach their full potential, do exceptional work in the world, while thwarting the predictive powers of race and class.