The Amazon Rainforest

By Sakina Ghafoor

3 Important Facts

1: Agents from the IBAMA have to protect the rain forest from land grabbers

2: About 80% of food we eat comes from the Amazon Rainforest

3: The Amazon Rainforest is important for giving us the air we breath

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3 Challenges The Rainforest Is Facing

1: If deforestation in the Amazon continues then the Amazon will most likely disappear in 40 years

2: Due to deforestation we loose about 137 species each day

3: Global climate change has a major impact on the Amazon


What did you learn about the Rainforest?

Everyone depends on the rain forest for everything without it we would be in a very bad situation.

How important do you think the Rainforest is to people of South America and the world?

The Amazon is VERY important because it provides shelter, trees, paper, land, etc.

Name one organization that is helping to protect the Rainforest and what is their purpose?

The Rainforest Trust. Their purpose is to stop deforestation of the Rainforest and to protect the animals that live in it.

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