Dance Careers

What Dance Profession Are You Interested In?

What Will it Take to Be a Choreographer?

A person who is interested in a choreographer profession will do many things. This job consist of the choreographer studying storylines of different pieces to translate ideas and moods into certain movements. The choreographer will also direct dance rehearsals, choose the music for each dance piece, and create the dance movements for the dancers. As a choreographer you begin training as a child. Most choreographers also begin as dancers and work their way up to becoming a cheorographer. A Master's Degree is needed if you are teaching in college, elementary, or highschool. In order to live a successful life as a choreographer you need to have a true passion for dancing and you need to have a stellar dancing ability. The job market for choreograhers is looking really good. Accrording to futrue statistics, the job market for choreographers should increase by 24% by the year 2020. As of 2012 the median annual wage for choreographers was $38,120.

As a Dance Teacher you will have lots of responsibilities as any other job would. Being a Dance Teacher is a very speical job. Dance Teachers can teach in a few different places. Some places consist of schools, colleges, or specializing in ballroom or private dance studios. As a dance teacher you will need to have a strong passion for dancing. The incresed popularity for dance in the past years has also caused a high demand for more dance teachers. In order for that to continue the Dance Teacher will need to show their love for dance to possibly allow another person to find their love for dance. Becoming a Dance Teacher requires some training. Of course, you need to be in good health and shape in order to teach students the proper techniques of dancing but depending on where you want to teach can determine the education and time spent in school to get your dancing degree. You must have a high school diploma to teach as a dance teacher and most to all schools require a bachelor's degree. If you want to teach at a higher level than highschool you must have a graduate degree. Skills and qualities needed for a Dance Teacher include really loving dance, loves and honors teaching, will support their students, motivates their students, and does their best to teach you all they can about dance. As of May 2013, a Dance Teachers salary is $35,500.

What Will it Take to Be a Dance Photographer?

As a Dance Photographer you will capture some of the most creative and ellegant movements in a dance piece. As a Dance Photographer you must assemble all the equimpment at the job site, then capture the pictures as the dancers dance. As a dance photographer you must be very patient and percise with each picture you take. You must have a high school diploma, excellent communication skills, ability to interact with younger children, willing to work on a varied schedule, and ability to properly operate camera equipment. You must have detialed skill and have a love for photography. The average salary for a dance photographer is $15,000.