The Year of the Hangman

by: Gary Blackwood

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1764-1789 (Revolutionary War) West Virgina, Florida

Main Conflict

Creighton has to decide to stay loyal to the British & his uncle, or he could be considered a traitor and side with the Americans.

Main Character

Crieghton- Creighton is the main character throughout this book. He is 15 and is originally from Britan. He lives with is mother and lives a very fortunate life. But this fortune can only last so long.

Uncle Gower- This is Creighton's uncle and he lives in Florida to pursue helping the British win the war; by being kernel.

Benjamin Franklin- Inventor that is on the Americans side, and runs a printing shop. He lets Crieghton stay at his home with food and shelter as long as he works in the printing shop.

Beginning Event, Pg. 13-18

Creighton starts as a young and innocent boy who simply plays hangman with his friends. At 15 he starts to heavily drink and gamble (partly because his father is believed to die at war), trying to be a common British gent. His mother doesn't approve of this, nor can afford of it; so she tries to stop his ways but after she has done all she can, she has men capture him and deliver him to his uncle. This affects Crieghton's decision by making him want to be in Britain even more. He starts to appreciate his time there more.

Middle Events, Pgs. 51-54 & 168-172

-British Ship is attacked, & invaded by Americans. As this happens Creighton's uncle tells him to pretend to be a slave at this point Creighton despises Americans and only wants to survive so he does as told. Creighton is accepted as a slave and pityed on by American crew mates. Creighton and Uncle see this as an opportunity to gain the Americans information. This gives Crieghton the opportunity to see the good in the Americans. This makes the americans look bad and he doesn't want to be associated with that.

- Printing shop is set on fire by a British burner. Crieghton runs outside to the shop and catches one burner. He kicks and tries to hurt him, clearly showing no more loyalty to his own kind, and infuriation at the situation. Creighton then tries to save the prints inside the burning shop but doesn't make it out in time (This shows Crieghton's loyalty to Dr. Franklin). Although Creighton and Dr. Franklin are saved with injuries, Dr. Franklin dies soon after. This shows Creighton how much he's starting to care about Americans.

Ending Events, Pgs. 188-199 & 214-222

-Crieghton leaves West Virgina with General Arnold to go to Florida, seeking vital American information. I also see this as one last shot for his Uncle to sway Crighton's opinion and get him to be on the British side again. Crighton's uncle Gower ends up not using this opportunity and only pushing Crighton to hate him more. Creighton shows his new loyallty to Americans.

-Crighton's uncle is convinced that general Arnold and Creighton are traitors (which they are). This was the last straw for Crieghton and Uncle, Arnold, and Crighton duel. This results in Arnold being shot, and Uncle Gower being dead. Crighton and Arnold must flea before news are released and they are wanted. This event happened so that the readers could clearly tell that Crieghton has finally changed and decided which side to help win the war (British). Creighton is finally able to see that he wants to help the americans.

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