Lake Texoma

Tyler Bynum

Fishing License

If you plan on fishing you must buy a fishing license to do so. You do not have to buy the license if you are 17 or younger, or if you were born before January 1, 1931. For a freshwater license it costs $30.

5 Fishes in Lake Texoma

  • Channel Catfish
  • Black Crappie
  • Striped Bass
  • Spotted Bass
  • Blue Catfish


Channel Catfish- Daily bag of 25. Minimum length 12 inches. Record- 36.50 pounds/ 38 inches.

Black Crappie- Daily bag is 25. Minimum length is 10 inches. Record- 3.92 pounds/18.50 inches

Striped Bass- Daily bag of 5. Minimum length of 18 inches. Record- 53 pounds/48 inches

Spotted Bass- Daily bag of 5. No minimum length. Record- 5.98 pounds/ 22.25 inches.

Blue Catfish- Daily bag of 25. Minimum length is 12 inches. Record- 121 pounds/58 inches

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Endangered Species

  • Alligator snapping turtles
  • Spoonbill catfish
  • Blue head shiner

3 threats

  • Zebra mussels
  • Giant salvinia
  • Lionfish

Sharelunker Program

encourages anglers who have caught 13-pound-plus largemouth bass to lend or donate the fish to TPWD for spawning purposes.

About 20 fishes are donated a year from lake Texoma

Stocking history

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