Austin Sosa's Bucket list


Go flyboarding

I would go Flyboarding in California. I would take my family and my friends to go with me.

. The weathering is chemical because the water is breaking down the rocks underwater.

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Play Boblefotball

I would want to do Boblefotball. Which is basically playing soccer in giant bubbles. I would play boblefotball with all my friends. Especially Ryan Ward because he loves to play soccer and football so he gets to play both. You can play boblefotball anywhere you just have to buy $100 - $345. The mountain behind the people is being weathered by Chemical weathering.
Soccer is even more fun when you play in huge bubbles

Indoor Skydiving

I would want to go indoor skydiving with my best pal Joseph and Ryan. Both helped me come up with the idea to do Indoor Skydiving. So i would take him first. weathering would be happening outside were it would be chemical weatheringl. I would go in Austin, Texas
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Outdoor Skydiving

I would go skydiving because it would be exciting. It would be fun to buy a go pro camera and drop it while you are falling and you can record you falling and when it hits the ground and when you land you can find it and watch the camera over and over again. The weathering is Mechanical because the wind is breaking down the rock. I would go Skydiving in Houston
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Hang with Dude Perfect

I would hang out with Dude Perfect and do some trick shots with Ty, Cody, Cory, Garrett, and Coby. In the video there will be weathering outside on the street because the water gets inside of the cracks in the road. I would take my friends with me to hang out with Dude Perfect in Dallas,TX.
XPOGO Edition | Dude Perfect