Hour of Code December 2015

North Brunswick Township Schools

Students are excited to learn about Computer Programming!

North Brunswick teachers understand our students' need to understand technology in a world that is changing rapidly around them. As part of Computer Science Over 30 teachers completed an Hour of Code activity during the week of December 7th - December 11th. Students thoroughly enjoyed these activities and reported that they felt less intimidated by the science of computer programming and more likely to pursue the field in the future.

Check out our pictures and highlights below!

Mr. Pucciarello - Media Specialist - Livingston Park


"Even though I have some experience with Scratch and basic coding, it felt a little daunting when thinking about "teaching coding." However, with all of my 4th grade classes this week, I decided to do this, with extremely positive results. Giving the students a 7-10 minute introductory lesson (with Scratch taking more time than the code.org activities), they were off and on their way. Their aptitude for learning and exploring with the programs and games was phenomenal, and they were fully engaged."

Ms. Martucci - NBTHS



"This was a great experience! It was a great opportunity to have exposure to computer programming as they are getting to a point that they are deciding on their future. Computer programming could be a great career for students!"

Ms. Pietrocola - 3rd Grade - Judd

Minecraft & Frozen


"Students loved trying out the code activities. It gave me a chance to see how the students reacted to a different type of thinking! Many of the children then asked if they could continue the activities during their free choice Friday reward time."

Ms. Dhrolia - NBTHS

"I modified the Scratch activity to match skills of our students. I made groups and each group was to give their program requirements to other group. Group members were then to take their customer's requirement and design the program on scratch. Class was divided into three groups. Students learned how they would work on real life projects. They had to work within a certain number of hours constraints and budget constraint and fulfill all the requirements as provided.

Students really enjoyed this experience. They were all trying to finish the requirements in the time period and still come out with a game which would be challenging."

Mr. Bentivenga - Linwood

"I did this for all of my classes, grade 6, 7 & 8 for two class periods. Students were fully engaged. They all finished and then I gave them a choice to pick which additional one they wanted to do. Some picked the easier ones, but a large number of students chose the more difficult ones where they were writing javascript or python code (all grade levels). I gave them all certificates and stickers for hour of code."