By Jeffrey Ashburner


Tintoretto, Domenico

Born 1518 in Venice, Italy

Died May 31, 1594 in Venice, Italy

Spent whole life in Venice, Italy

Excelled in grandly agitated and often deeply moving history paintings and dignified portraits of members of the Venetian aristocracy.The real name of Tintoretto was Jacopo Robusti, but he is better known by his nickname, meaning the "little dyer," his father having been a silk dyer. Even though his painting is distinguished by great daring, he seems to have led a more retired life, concerned only with his work and the well-being of his family.Tintoretto appears to have studied with Bonifazio Veronese or Paris Bordone, but his true master, as of all the great Venetian painters in his succession, was Titian. If Tintoretto's pictures at first sight often astonish by their melodrama, they almost inevitably reveal, at closer observation, a focal point celebrating the wonders of silence and peace. His daughter Marietta and his sons Domenico and Marco also became painters.Domenico eventually took over the direction of Tintoretto's large workshop, turning out reliable but uninspired pictures in the manner of his father. Some of them are, on occasion, mistaken for works of the elder Tintoretto.

The Second Conquest of Constantinople.

Sala del Maggior Consiglio. The hall was destroyed in 1577 and rebuilt and decorated between 1578 and 1605. The painting cycles illustrate three fundamental episodes in the history of Venice: its role as mediator between Pope Alexander III and Holy Roman Emperor Barbarossa, which ended in the peace of 1177; the Fourth Crusade (1204); and the war of Chioggia against the Genovese, ending in the peace of 1381.

Created 1580-1605

It can be found in Pallazzo Ducale, Venice, Italy

The amount of people in the painting, the amount of detail put into it, and the amount of cayos you can see.

What I like about it is it reminds me of wheres Woldo.

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