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Red Pandas

Red Pandas are a mix with a panda (of course), a raccoon, a fox, a bear, and seals (I know, weird huh). People are taking them and selling them as pets. The Red Pandas live in the eastern Himalayas and southwestern China. The Red Pandas eat bamboo and live in China. If you go to the Kansas City Zoo, you'll be able to see 2 Red Pandas there.


China is known for the adorable Red Pandas and keep them safe from extinction. China is located in Asia. China is also known for the Giant Pandas. The people in China believe in dragons. China is known for kung- fu. Mostly everything in stores are made from China.

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There should be hidden cameras and security guards to make sure that the Red Pandas are totally safe. They would be police officers to keep watch and the cameras would be well hidden so the Red Pandas wouldn't even find them.

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