Year 4 Newsletter

June is here!

What we've been learning....


We have been writing narratives in Literacy lessons, based on the rainforest as a stimulus. The children have been encouraged to use adjectives, similes, alliteration in their writing with a focus on the correct use of speech marks. We hope to have some terrific stories to share with you next week. Please, a reminder about bringing home readers to school each day, including the reading record. Library sessions are still on Fridays and books should be brought to school in the school book bag.


This past week we have revised perimeter and area and our lessons have focused on measurement (grams, kilograms, litres, millilitres, centimetres, metres, etc.) and converting between units of measurement. The children should be aiming to get 1000 points each week on their mathletics website too. Below you can see some Year 4 students converting millilitres into litres using decimals. We have done lots of decimal work over the past week.

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The children are thoroughly enjoying our Rainforest unit and are currently looking at rainforest art by Henri Rousseau. Over the next week you will see toucans and chameleons decorating the corridors. Please do visit and look at the children's artwork if you are visiting the school, I am sure the children would love you to see their work and you are, of course, very welcome. Mrs Connelin, who is Miss Karlis' replacement, brought in her pet lizard, Lucy, to show the children an example of camouflage.

Thank you to the parents who have helped with our 'Rainforest Food Tree' by sending in suitable herbs, spices and dried fruits. We are still in need of: dried lime, dried orange, dried lemon, dried mango or any examples of rattan, rosewood, sandalwood or camphor that we could look at for a couple of weeks? If you have any of these items, please put a sample into a bag, label it and send it into me. Thank you for your help with this. I am also looking for some bilingual parents to help with labelling our tree. If you and your child have a few moments after school to write four labels in another language, please see me - Kate Levido.

The children received a new project this week. It is due on Monday 22 June, the week of our Residential. Please ask your child about it if you haven't seen the paper sent home yet. We have also sent home an A3 piece of card that the children can complete their work on. We have suggested that they make a rough copy first and put their best effort into the card presentation.

Banana Day: During our topic we worked on the process that bananas go through between growth and arriving on our tables. To complete this work, Hebe's mum and Charlie's mum helped the children make banana muffins last Friday. Thank you to these mums for their help!

Residential Reminder

The permission forms for our Residential (which is this month 25/26 June) were supposed to be completed by last Sunday. Very few children have permission for this trip so far so I have extended the date until this weekend. Please fill in these forms if you are planning to have your child attend. I need time to collate the dietary information and get final numbers to the venues. Many thanks, Kate Levido.