Panda Post

Issue #20

Classroom News

We are well into our nonfiction reading and writing units and this week will begin looking specifically at procedural nonfiction texts. Think recipes, guide books, etc. It will be very fun because there are several projects we will do together and then write about how we did them!

In math, we are finishing up some thinking about fractions this week! We had our CDB last week and it was pretty tough! I was allowed to read the questions to the students but only if they asked me too, so I think some of them tried to do it all themselves and ran into problems because they were reading the questions wrong.

Our hornworms have made their pupas! In a couple short weeks we will see them go through their whole life cycle-how exciting! In social studies we will revisit the idea of different communities-urban, suburban, and rural.

We are also preparing for our student led conferences this Friday- please send back your time preference if you plan on attending! It is so valuable to hear students speak about their educational goals.

My students now have access to the website with their own account! This is an awesome website for reading practice. Please feel free to access it at home. Simply click on "student log-in" and you will be prompted to enter a teacher username. Mine is Brittanycolabrese. Then students can click on their name and type in their password (lunch number).

Next Week

Spelling words (vowel diphthongs: ow and ou): how, count, cow, clown, house, town, loud, now, ouch, down)

Upcoming Events

2/26 Early Release and Mingo's birthday!

2/26 Student-led conferences

2/29 Leap Day!

2/29-3/4 Dr. Seuss' Read Across America Week!

2/29 Wear Camo "Join the fight to be lifelong readers!"

3/1 Elijah's birthday!

3/1 Wear a super hero shirt "Be a reading hero!"

3/2 Wear Western Gear "Saddle up with a good book!"

3/3 Wear your favorite hat "Hat's off to reading!"

3/4 Wear your favorite team shirt "Team up with reading!"