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3rd Partner Meeting Thessaloniki, Greece 27-28 October

Meeting in Thessaloniki - Greece

The 3rd LeaCoMM project meeting took place in Thessaloniki, Greece, on 27-28 October 2014. It was hosted by the Greek partner P2: DESMOS NGO.

During this meeting the host organization of Desmos, by his representative Mrs. Sofia Argyropoulou (DESMOS, WP3 leader - http://desmosgr.blogspot.gr/), presented the remarks after finalization of the SAR and showed the end version of it in a e-book form and in paper form a well. Mrs. Argyropoulou presented also the final version of the Need Analysis Report. She explained the approach DESMOS used to develop the Analysis and in which way this results could help the LeaCoMM partners to decide on the right topics that the teachers actually need and what kind of materials should be put on the official LeaCoMM platform.

Photos from the meeting in Thessaloniki

Presentation of the 1st draft version of the platform (WP4)

The Slovenian partners (ZAMS, WP4 leader) presented the working address for the LeaCoMM platform. A sub-domain of Leacomm.eu domain will be created for the platform. A panel discussion moderated by the representatives of the Slovenian Organization took place on tasks and decisions about the content and appearance of the platform. Many decisions have been taken and many ideas and suggestions have been submitted during this workshop.

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