Docufree Baseline Report

September 2012


For September (all numbers estimated based on activity from the 14th to the 28th), saw an estimated 2,900 visitors of which 78% were new visitors and 22% were returning. Average page per views per visit was was low at 2.1 pages as was time on site at 1:36. The site experienced a 65% bounce rate which is far higher than we'd like to see.

Traffic Sources

Search traffic drove 66% of docufree's site visits. This includes keywords used in search engines primarily Google and Bing. Primary terms were some version of Docufree with topical searches accounting for minimal traffic.

Docufree's PPC campaign was also active during this time and surely accounted for some of the balance of traffic. Unfortunately the PPC account was not linked to the analytics and we have no detailed information at this time.

Big image

Visitor Flow

The above image is a representation of the paths visitors took when they arrived at the site site: from the source, through various pages, and where the exited. The majority of your 2,900 visitors were driven to the document scanning solutions page, but there was a very high exit rate of 87.4%. The overwhelming number of site exits took place from the scanning solutions and homepage with minimal traffic through to any other pages on the site.


There is substantial opportunity to improve nearly every meaningful measurement of traffic and ultimately increase quality leads and sales. Switching the site over to Wordpress is the first step in improving site speed which plays a factor in organic search success. In October, the site will be optimized for search engines with an ongoing monthly optimization program beginning in November. The results over time are higher, more qualified traffic.

Increasing the number of return visitors is another objective. We will retarget visitors by placing ads in organic searches and other places where you have paid sponsorship (banner, text, in-app, etc.). Since campaign results were based on one ad, we can create a variety of options through a/b testing, ad words, and target marketing to figure out the best plan to get more leads through your site.

Finally, we will be eliminating "bad" keywords and adding competitor keywords in both SEO and PPC. In the event that traffic statistics increase while engagement statistics don't move to our liking, we will initiate a conversation regarding optimizing the front end of the site.