SLO Update


What is next?

At this point in the semester it is assumed that teachers:

  • Have given, graded, and entered scores for the SLO Pre-test into their Power Teacher Pro Gradebook
  • Have completed the "Complete SLO Document" section in Classroom Mosaic
  • Have set up their gradebook to "Auto Calculate Standards" in their Power Teacher Pro Gradebook
  • Have begun flagging assignments that correspond with the power standards in their Power Teacher Pro Gradebook

if you have completed all of the above, you are simply awaiting administrator approval. The next big step will be mid-point conferences, which will be held with your administrator in early November.

Other Important Information to Know

Pre-Test Scores In Mosaic--Data is beginning to roll over from PowerSchool into Mosaic. If you are not seeing data in Classroom Mosaic yet, there is no reason to panic. Remember, all data entry for SLOs will take place in your Power Teacher Pro Gradebook this year. Seeing the scores in Mosaic simply aids in having all the data in one place, but it is not essential to the process. If the scores don't export, your administrator will just have to look and your Power Teacher Pro Gradebook in addition to Classroom Mosaic.

Flagging The Power Standards--The only new data entry, at this point, is flagging your assignments with Power Standards in your Power Teacher Pro Gradebook. Important steps for this process are outlined in the "How to Set Up The Gradebook to Auto-Calculate Assignment" document. Once this process is complete the standards columns for each of your tagged assignments going forward will have mastery levels prepopulated. Gina indicates that she has noticed that a lot of teachers are manually entering five different mastery levels for every child for every grade. There is no reason nor expectation for you to have to complete this volume of extra work.

Resources To Help

Classroom Mosaic Login

The link above directs you to the login page for classroom mosaic.

Sample SLO

The link above takes you to a google doc example of what an exemplary SLO. This example of an English 1 SLO demonstrates what might be included in the narrative portion of the "Complete SLO Document" section found on Classroom Mosaic.

SLO Presentation

The link above will take you to the SLO Presentation from Gina Jenkins from the beginning of the year. This presentation outlines the difference that can be expected with the process this year.

Enrich Demographic Report

The link above provides instructions on how to run a demographic report which will aid you in completing the "Targets" section of "Complete SLO Document" section of Classroom Mosaic.

How to Set Up The Gradebook to Auto-Calculate Assignment

The link above leads to a google document that gives step by step instructions on how to have the Power Teacher Pro Gradebook calculate assignments that have been flagged as progress monitoring assignments, which correspond to the power standards. The "auto-calculate assignment standards" instructions explain how to set up the grade book to calculate assignments created from this point on. The "to update an existing assignment" instructions explain how to go back and flag an assignment that has already been created and entered into the gradebook. There is a huge draw back to the second approach. It requires that each individual student's grade be manually deleted and manually re-entered. At this time there is no work around, so I advise you use the first set of instructions and only mark assignments created from this point moving forward.

How to Share A SLO

The link above provides a brief tutorial on how to share an SLO. Most of you have already completed this step but I wanted to share this for any new teachers or those just needing to obtain a copy of an SLO.