Electric Extendable Hand

Need a Hand?


What is it? It's an Electric Extendable Hand that can be used to help with everyday life.

What problem does it solve? It makes it easier to grab things that are out of your reach.

What criteria were used to guide the design? It is designed for younger kids and older adults who would need it. It is very light so it can be used by anyone. It is very efficient and cost effective to make. The battery is very long and powered by light so you never need to worry about charging it.

What are the most important features of the design? The mechanical fingers can be used to pick up smaller objects that might be too dangerous (too hot or too sharp) to pick up, and it has a flashlight for dark areas.

What features allow it to preform its intended purpose? The handle has a mechanical switch on the inside of it so once the switch is pressed the hand pops out and can be used.

How is it used? It is meant to be held and controlled using the handle on the end.

How does your product affect society and the environment? It makes life more convenient because it makes everyday tasks more simple.