Ms. Dunn's Homeroom

Weekly Updates for Our Class

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Study Island Updates

Study Island is a required piece of our MVCA curriculum. All students are required to complete all Study Island math and ELA topics. Check out where you are in our Study Island Play Offs- Click here.

NWEA Testing

This week we have required NWEA testing. All student will test in math and reading. Testing will occur in Class Connects on Monday and Tuesday. You will not have many Class Connects, due to NWEA testing.

Our Testing Times:

  • Monday, May 1:00PM ELA Testing
  • Tuesday, May 5th 9:00AM Math Testing
  • Tuesday, May 5th: 2:00PM, Makeup Testing
  • Friday, (times to be announced), Makeup Testing

I realize this is short notice on times! My apologies! If you cannot make those times, that is okay! I will be holding makeups on Friday!

M-Step Updates

Thank you everyone for being patient as M-Step continues.

I will be out of the office Wednesday, May 6th and Thursday, May 7thof this week for testing. I will update you if any other days pop up!


Attendance must be updated every day! Students are required to have 6 hour 20 minutes of attendance logged everyday. Students must work 5 days a week. If you will not be logging, going on vacation or have some sort of family event- please contact me! After 5 days of missing attendance I am required to start the truancy progress!

High School Orientations

This week started our High School Orientations! These are required, all students should be working Pathfinder. Our next required sessions is on Friday, May 8th.

Middle School Social!

Friday, May 15th, 12:30pm

Dave and Buster's in Livonia and Utica

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