Difference of 2-D and 3-D Shapes

Created by: Ajay Verma

What are 2-D Shapes?

A 2-D shape is a flat polygon generally used anywhere and everywhere you look. We are surrounded by 2-D shapes everyday so it shouldn't be very hard to spot them out. 2-D shapes help contribute a lot to finding the surface area and volume of 3-D objects.

What are 3-D Shapes?

A 3-D shapes are objects you can pick up and manipulate. Like 2-D shapes you see 3-D shapes everyday, the only thing is, you can pick them up and use them if you need too.


The difference is quiet simple. A 2-D shape is flat, and is generally used in maps, and other things that take place on a 3-D shape. 3-D shapes are more seen because they are most used on a daily basis.