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What is Hapara?

Hapara is a Chromebook Teacher Management Tool that helps classroom teachers

coordinate, manage, and track student workflow in Google Apps for Education. It enables teachers to organize their students and their assignments, track their activity and progress, as well as create a personalized environment across different metrics.

Using Hapara teachers will be able to:

  • See what is on a student's Chromebook screen in real-time.
  • Send messages to individuals or groups of students to provide on the spot feedback.
  • Send links to individuals or groups of students to help with research and help them stay on track.
  • See all content in the students' Google Drive folders including Docs, Sheets, Slides, etc.
  • See all of their student's emails through their district Gmail account.
  • Track student activity across all sites.
  • Lock student browser to take particular assessments, without being able to click to another website.

Watch the video below to get a visual of what Hapara can do for you in your classroom next year. To access the teacher dashboard, please click on the Hapara Logo or go to www.teacherdashboard.com


Click below to get information on how to use Hapara in your classrooms.

How to sync Hapara with Google Classroom?

Hapara and Google Classroom

Did you know...

Digital Citizenship According to Hapara...

It is a good time of the year to highlight digital citizenship, but it’s also important to make this part of the daily conversation with learners and model positive technology use. Encourage learners to model it for their peers and younger siblings as well. After all, kids cannot fully participate in the digital landscape in a way that is healthy and beneficial if they don’t have the tools to be good digital citizens. Let’s empower them all year to make their mark on the world by being ambassadors for digital citizenship in their school and community.

Some of our Hāpara community teachers have created phenomenal Workspaces to teach digital citizenship, and they’ve shared them publicly so you can take advantage and use them in your classroom! (by Bonnie Fox-McIntyre)

Digital Citizenship Hapara Workspace Link

Describes the nine elements of Digital Citizenship from Digital Access, Etiquette, Commerce, Literacy, Law, Communication, etc.


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