Barton Hills Bulletin

May 2 - 6

From Kati

Congratulations! We have received our No Place for Hate Designation! Thank you Stephanie, Sarah P., Collins and our 6th Graders for leading our NPFH activities.

We are in May and that means "Teacher Appreciation Week." Not that you're unappreciated any other day of the year! I am so proud of the work that we do and the caliber of teaching and learning that happens in our building everyday. Your professionalism is also acknowledged by other district staff who visit campuses everyday. I hope you feel extra appreciated this week.

Have a wonderful, week :).

Additional Information and Updates

  • Teacher Talent show updates: Thank you to all who came to our little "idea pitch" meeting. I've sent the campus a google spreadsheet link to add your name to the different "acts" we talked about. Each act had a tab at the bottom of the spreadsheet. You may need to click through the tabs to see all of them. I added a "lead" and section for you to add your names. If we have an "act" that no one wants to do I will just delete. Thanks so much - we've got some awesome ideas going.

This Week's Events

Teacher Appreciation Week

Onak- Morning Duty

School Health Team Appreciation Week

Monday -C Day

  • 7:45 Morning Assembly
  • 6:30 PTA budget meeting

Tuesday -A Day

  • ARD/504/eCST Day
  • 6:00 6th grade Orchestra/Band Concert

Wednesday -B Day

Thursday -C Day

  • 3:00 Faculty meeting

Friday - A Day

  • 9:00 First Grade to Aquarena Springs (Kati will probably be going :).
  • Teacher Luncheon


  • Laura's Birthday
  • Color Run (running club)
  • Election Day - BHE is a polling precing


  • Mother's Day

Upcoming Events

May 9


Grades 3 - 6 STAAR Math

May 10

Grades 3-6 STAAR Reading

May 11

Grade 5 STAAR Science (and any makeups from previous days)

9:00 Kinder to Crowe's Nest Farm

May 12

3:00 CAC

May 13

Terry's Birthday

9:30 6th Grade GreenBelt Hike

May 16

8:00 Volunteer Breakfast

8:45 Author Visit 2nd Grade

9:45 Author Visit 3rd Grade

May 17

9:00 2nd Grade to Umlauf

9:00 3rd Grade to Austin Zoo

10:00 4th - 6th to Young People's Concert

May 18

3:30 - 5:30 Retirement Celebration for Martha and Gayla

May 19

Student Talent Show Day

3:00 Cadres

6:30 Parent/Teacher Talent Show

May 20

8:00 Prospective Parent Tour

May 22

Debbie's Birthday

May 23

8:00 Book Buddies Breakfast

5:00 Student Showcase

May 25

8:00 Third Grade Landmarks project display in cafeteria

9:00 5th Grade to Houston (overnight)

May 26

Allyn's Birthday

Andrew Fulman's (band) Birthday

5th Grade returns

6:00 6th Grade play and Cast Party

May 27

Staff Development Day/Student Holiday

9:00 - 11:00 MakerCart Workshop in Library

May 30

Student and Staff Holiday/Memorial Day

May 31

7:45 Assembly - August Birthdays

Kati off campus all day

9:00 6th Grade to Blanton

June 1

9:00 5th grade Honors Assembly

Staff End of Year Party @ Serrano' s

June 2

8:30 6th Grade Graduation and Celebration

9:30ish Celebration Walk

Last Student Day - report cards go home

June 3

Last Teacher Day