Iguana Info

January 4-8

What happened this week?

Welcome back from the holiday break! The Iguanas were so busy in the classroom with letter and number review. We also went over seasons and winter weather. Since it isn't snowing here and we would like it to, we read lots of winter books and talked about how to build a snowman! We made snowmen with popsicle sticks and painted snowmen at the easel. In science with Mrs. Vaden, we observed what salt does to ice- it helps melt it! People who live in colder places will use the salt to melt icy roads and walkways. The class also melted ice using friction! we rubbed our hands together with a piece of ice to see how fast it would melt. So much fun!

What's next:

Letter Ww, Number 9, and polar animals! We will continue to learn about the polar animals and their habitats. We have a polar animal project due next week!


Don't forget Polar projects due Monday, January 11!

Scholastic Orders will be due by Tuesday, January 12. Please order online with our class code N2FV3.

Parents: This is the printed version of our new electronic newsletter! We will send home hardcopies for the next two weeks, until parents are all signed up to receive the paperless newsletter. Please let us know if you have any questions!