I'm back!

Principal's News, Term 3/ Week 5

Brrrr! What a start!

To come from 25-30 deg to wintry Melbourne has been quite a shock, although I arrived in Boston in a heatwave of above 38 and +humidity, so that too was a shock to the system. I have 1,518 photo's but I won't bore you with them all. I will share a few highlights over the next couple of weeks.

My time away was very beneficial, personally, professionally, spiritually and mentally.... (and physically as we had a hill the size of the hill to Keilor village to walk up every day, if not twice or three times a day!) I thoroughly enjoyed my 6 weeks of classes, it was like being back doing Theology 101 all over again with incredibly brilliant lecturers; Thomas Groome - Sharing Faith in Religious Education and Ministry Jon Sobrino - God and the Crucified People and Ken Himes - The Moral Dimension of a Christian Life. Heavy going ??? .... yes!

Our classes consisted of mostly Nth Americans and Latino's, a small group of Asians and the Australian contingent which was a group from Sandhurst, a couple from Ballarat, 7 from Melbourne and four priests also from Melb. Some participants were from Religious Orders, many were in pastoral roles in Parishes and just a few were educators, secondary at that.

All of that being said ..... I only have to do 40 Board meetings and 50 Parents Auxiliary meetings before I can go again ... in 5 years time! Bring it on!

Guess where?


I wish to sincerely thank EVERYONE for your contribution in my absence. if you picked up an extra yard duty, if you used your initiative, if you asked "Can I help you do that...", if you filled the bucket rather than drain it, if you thought about others and checked to see that they were going OK, if you laughed and smiled and didn't get cross about the trivial, if you had a go at the "Principal's News" or added to the newsletter, if you went out of your way to contribute to the bigger picture, if you stuck to your integrity and did your job as well as you could ..... what more could I ask.

A round of applause to Denise K (supported by the Leadership Team) for her work. It's not an easy job to carry one load, let alone two and I know that she would have put in 150%. The physical is demanding but the mental weight is bigger. I hope that if she helped you out, covered you for something or had you covered, met with parents on your behalf, cooked your soup, took your kids for art .... whatever, that you had the graciousness to say, "thanks, I love your work!"

What else .....

I have no idea .... I figure I can use jet lag as an excuse for a couple of days.... at least!

I just know that if you can bring happiness and a warm smile to your work, your days will go a lot faster!

Have an excellent week everyone!