Dear DRRHS Community:

The sun is shining just in time for what promises to be a fantastic weekend at DRRHS! If possible, please join us at the stadium tonight as we honor our outstanding seniors on the football team, cheer team, and marching band. Tomorrow morning is our PSAT administration and tomorrow night is our Homecoming Dance. Please review the FAQs below for last-minute reminders and details.


Gail DeCecco, Principal

Donald Izzo, Assistant Principal for Grades 10 & 12

Ai-Ling Chang, Assistant Principal for Grades 9 & 11

John Herald, CTE Director

Doug Kelley, Dean of Activities and Athletics

Safety Updates

Safety remains top of mind. Here's a recap of the week and a preview of next steps.

  • On Tuesday, our DRRHS Safety Committee met and began our onboarding to CrisisGo, the emergency management communication tool DRRSD has adopted. We are not ready to use the tool for an actual emergency as of today, but we are in the training process.
  • On Wednesday, firefighters from the Dighton Fire Department were on campus to collaborate with us on our safety plans. Specifically, the Dighton Fire Department, members of our school-based evacuation team, and students worked together to train for a 2nd-floor evacuation. Thank you to everyone involved for your commitment to keeping our campus safe and our students and staff prepared.
  • The DRRSD Emergency Procedures posters are displayed throughout the campus.
  • Next Wednesday, 19 October, we have scheduled grade-level assemblies where we will provide a guided overview of the safety protocols enumerated on the posters.
  • Next Friday, 21 October, we will use our Advisory class to practice our emergency responses. Our primary focus will be on the most commonly used emergency responses, Hold and Secure, As Is, Inside, or Silent and Invisible. We WILL be discussing what Avoid, Deny, Defend (ADD) means and how to respond to the alert if one is ever given. We WILL NOT be simulating any active shooter drills

Invitation to Join DRRHS School Council

Dear DRRHS Community:

As your principal, and pursuant to Massachusetts General Laws Chapter 71, Section 59C, it is my duty and privilege to convene a school council.

What is a school council? A school council is a representative, school building-based committee composed of the principal, parents, teachers, community members and students. The school council shall meet regularly with the principal of the school and shall assist in the identification of the educational needs of the students attending the school, in the review of the annual school budget, and in the formulation of a school improvement plan, as explained here.

Who is to be on the council? The legislation specifies that the council is to consist of parents of students attending the school, teachers, and "other persons drawn from such groups or entities as municipal government, business and labor organizations, institutions of higher education, human service agencies or other interested groups, including those from school-age child care programs." Also, for schools containing any of grades nine to twelve, there should be at least one student on the council.

More detailed information can be found at the Massachusetts Department of Elementary and Secondary Education: School Council Questions and Answers.

What is required? Anyone who meets the membership criteria described above may apply to be a member of the school council. If many people apply, we will hold elections for the posts. The law does not define a minimum or maximum number of people; nor does it define the length of a term. To begin, I am asking for a one-year commitment. We will meet in person one time each month on a Monday evening from 6:00-7:30 in the high school media center. A virtual link will be available as well if members are unable to travel to the meetings. The schedule is as follows:

  1. November 7th
  2. December 5th
  3. January 9th
  4. February 6th
  5. March 7th
  6. April 3rd
  7. May 1st
  8. June 6th

If you are interested in contributing your time, talents, and perspective to the DRRHS School Council please complete the form below. Thank you for your consideration.


PSATS on October 15th

PSATS will be administered at DRRHS on Saturday, October 15th. The cost is $25 and must be paid on UNIPAY by October 10th. Please access the PSAT newsletter for more information.

Homecoming Dance on October 15th

The Homecoming Dance will be held at the high school. Tickets are now on sale on UNIPAY. The cost is $20. Please use the "High School Miscellaneous" tab and complete the fields. Please access this link for more information.

CTE Advisory Dinner on Thursday, October 20th, in the DRRHS Media Center

Dear CTE Students, Families, and Community Supporters: You are cordially invited to attend the CTE Advisory Dinner being hosted at the high school. Please complete this registration form.

Chromebook Insurance Option Ends on 31 October

To enroll your device(s), please visit https://schooldevicecoverage.com/signup. Fill out the form on that page, and then click Next to complete your registration.

After-school math tutoring and homework support is available for ALL students

Ms. Chang is offering after-school math tutoring and homework support on Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday afternoons from 2-2:45 pm. Meet her in the media center for help; no appointment necessary!


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