Heist Gone Wrong

By Tristan Stiver

Summary of the story.

This story partly takes place in the dinosaur era, it's main characters are bank robbers, and they must end the shortage of fuel in America. First the trio begins by the characters being hard at work, robbing a bank. Something goes wrong as they escape and they wind up in a strange room forced to do what a mysterious man says in order to survive. This stories theme would have to be perseverance.

Author Bio (Self Written)

I'm kind of a big deal. If you think anyone else is a good writer you are wrong. I wrote the book on great writing, and it hit #1 Best Seller of all time. Not being happy with that I created a pseudonym and rewrote the book on great writing. Yet again I have reached #1 best-seller of all time. What great things have you done of late? That's what I thought. #Legen-waitforit-dary