-Cannabis, DMT, Shrooms, Unripe Mulberrys, LSD, Peyote, or PCP

-Alter your mind

-People see images, hear sounds, and feel sensations that are not really real

-Hallucinogenic drugs cause both physical and psychological effects on humans. Physical effects involve enlarged Pupils, Increased heart rate, appetite loss, headaches, nausea, and sweating. Psychological effects Hallucinogens have are "Seeing Sounds" or "Hearing Colors".


-Alcohol, Barbiturates, Opiates

-Cause Dizziness, Slurred speech, Pain loss, Confusion, and Disorientation

-Depressant drugs have a physical effect on the human body. These effects may impair someone to do daily tasks that they may normally be able to do but are to disoriented to accomplish them. Other long term symptoms of depressant drugs is depression, chronic fatigue, breathing difficulties, sexual problems and sleep problems.


-Nicotine, Cocaine, Adderall
- Stimulant drugs temporarily increase alertness and energy. These drugs may confuse your body and you may feel that the only way to be normal again is to take more of the drug. This shows that Stimulants can be very addictive. Repeated high doses of some stimulants over a short period can lead to paranoia.