Booster Club!

The first Booster Club meeting was last night and we are grateful for those that were able to attend. Remember, the Booster Club is for everyone and there will be open meetings every month. This is also a great way to get your volunteer hours!

If you wish to sign-up for one of the sub-committees, click below.

There are several different committees you can sign up for:

Booster Club Sub-Committees

Catholic Identity Committee

Catholic Identity Committee will ensure the Catholic faith is infused in everything we do:

"Enhancing St. Joseph Catholic Academy through the presence of Christ in ourselves and others in the pursuit of truth, beauty, and goodness by adherence to faith, hope, and love."

-Improve prayer life/spirituality in school, inside or outside of the Academy footprint.

-Assist in planning along with the Faculty and Staff for Student Retreats.

-Marketing- logo, uniforms, all merchandise, and spirit wear will conform to standards set by our Catholic Identity.

-Committee will assist Campus Ministry in special events as well as normal operations- chances for volunteer opportunities.

Communications Committee

The role of the Communications Committee will be to assist the staff in promoting our school, events, and resources while creating an engaging platform for staff, families, and potential families to engage across social media outlets (Facebook, Instagram, etc.) The role is very much about communicating externally and building relationships with potential and current Tiger families.
Success in this role is developing a social media presence with a focus on:
● Keeping our social media channels updated, with engaging content for our members
● Increasing the numbers of people following our posts on Facebook, and Instagram
● Promoting our mission and building our outreach into the community
Other volunteers may be enlisted to help create and implement content.

Merchandising Committee

The Merchandising Committee will be responsible for all spirit wear apparel, accessories, and gear, including designing, purchasing and selling of all SJCA merchandise. Some of our merchandising projects may include:

* Developing, designing, and managing a SJCA online spirit wear/accessories/gear store.

* Directly working with the Athletic Director to design and purchase athletic uniforms for athletic sports offered at SJCA.

* Possible selling of merchandise at various school events including athletic events, concerts, etc.

* Collaboration with the Fundraising Committee on specific merchandising fundraisers for SJCA organizations.

Fine Arts Committee

Mission Statement: The Fine Arts of St. Joseph’s Academy’s (FASA) primary objective is to provide support to the talent and growth of our students and programs in all areas of the arts at St. Joseph’s Catholic Academy by fundraising, volunteering for events, and promoting opportunities and encouragement for students and faculty in all the fine arts programs. Through the collaborative effort of our parents, teachers, administrators, and community, we will work to enhance our growing fine arts programs.

As our Orchestra/Band programs develop, a number of events and performances will require support. Financing travel and fees will allow our students to represent our school in competitions such as the TAPPS and TMEA all-region and all-state auditions.

Financial support will be required to provide new dimensions of growth within our existing programs, and this can be accomplished through fundraising events such as an annual art exhibition, talent extravaganza, and concerts.

Volunteer Coordination Committee

The purpose of the Volunteer Coordinating Committee will be to assist parents in completing their volunteer hours. There are several ways the committee will accomplish that goal:

1) Connect parents with opportunities they can participate in that will fulfill their requirement for volunteer hours.

2) Keep an organized record of the volunteer hours that have already been completed by parents.

3) Help parents keep track of their hours.

4) Keep parents informed of how many hours they still need in order to meet their yearly commitment to the school.

5) Assist Room Mothers in finding volunteers to help them with the events they are responsible for

Fundraising committee

The intent of our committee is help raise money for school sports, Fine Arts, and academic needs. Our main fundraising at the moment is our concessions, which will need many volunteers. Our upcoming concessions are the following:

1) Christmas Concert (this Friday)

2) The 2 soccer finals (coming up next week).

Our committee will come up with other fundraising ideas and organize them. Part of our job will also be to reach out to our community/businesses for donations.

School Spirit Committee

Our school spirit committee has developed several goals and ideas for the rest of the school year. Our main goal is to instill school spirit, and showcase appreciation for our students, families, and staff. Our committee will focus on events at the school, which will allow parents and other volunteers to assist with planning and preparing for each event.