Texas Christian University

Ft. Worth, Texas

Home of the Horned Frogs!

This four year university is a happy home to the students who live there. Only a 15 minute drive from here to the college, TCU has many majors to satisfy the book nerds, technology geeks, and know-it-all's out there. Besides having over 100 majors, Texas Christian University has many clubs and organizations, so you're garanteed to find what you love.

Why should you go to TCU?

One of the main reasons people like to go to Texas Christian University is because of it's good ranking. This college is private-- ranking 76 in the Top Best Schools. Since this school is local and small, many people like to go there, for they know when and if they get accepted, they will be going to a good school. The estimated total budget for a semester is 50,940 dollars. Although this may seem expensive, I guarantee you it will be worth it. When you get admitted into one of the boarding rooms with your roommate, there will be Residence Assistance all over the Residence hall to help you academically, socially, and economically. Besides having many people to help you, and many clubs and opportunities to join, TCU also is affiliated with a Christian church located all over the United States and Canada, The Disciples Of Christ. Only 30 minutes away, this church would be a good one to go to if in need, not to mention supporting your school as well. Texas Christian University is a great place to go if you are seeking a small, local, school with high ratings for education, and many majors, sports, clubs, and organizations to help you find your place.