Mrs. Erickson's Class Newsletter

September 16th, 2017

Learning Topics

Here is what we will be studying in the following weeks!

Reading: Elements of Nonfiction

Word Work: root words EAS and FIN, root words FAM and SPEC

Inquiry: Electricity

Writing: Personal Narrative

Math: Multiplication

Scientific Demonstrations

This week we have worked on two scientific demonstrations! On Monday, we made Oobleck - a liquid that also has properties of a solid based on Dr. Seuss' story Bartholomew and the Oobleck. We read the story, and then used our five senses to make an observation of our own Oobleck. On Wednesday, we went through the steps of the Scientific Method to test the effect Mentos will have on both water and Diet Coke! The kids had a blast!


This week you will be receiving your child's NWEA scores. You will receive your child's NWEA report by email. If you have concerns about your child's performance, please see me. We will be looking at this data, along with other pieces of data, to make decisions about students starting RTI (Response to Intervention). If this is something that I feel will best suit your child, I will be contacting you very soon.

BYO Headphones/Earbuds

I recommend having your child bring headphones/earbuds to use in class. We are now using apps throughout the day that will utilize sound. Students are welcome to bring a pair of headphones or earbuds and leave them at school. You can find them for $1 at the Dollar Store!

Gator Gallop is here!!!

Our class goal is to raise $1100. As of right now, we have raised $340 and are at 31% completion of our goal. This puts our class in 9th place, but I know we can make it into first! Keep up the great work, families! :)

If you need more info on how you can donate, please send me an email!

Gator Celebrations

Congratulations to Samantha on being our Gator of the Week!!

Congratulations to Amora for being our Gator of the Month!! Our character trait for September was self-control!

Geist Elementary School

Please feel free to see Mrs. Erickson if you have any questions!