Fall Conferences 2015

What's New @ School?

TWO FULL DAYS: October 21st and October 22nd

Dear Parents--

After much thought and planning, we made a decision to add a second day to fall conferences because we want to meet parents needs for improved overall communication with subject teachers, advisors, and homeroom teachers.

Conferences will be two full days this fall for the whole school on October 21st and 22nd.

Based on parent and teacher feedback, Middle school families can meet with the academic subject teachers of their choice for ten minutes each. Advisors are still available for ten minute conferences as well.

*Please note: 5th-6th grade students are encouraged to attend conferences with parents, but their attendance is optional. 7th-8th grade students are expected to attend conferences with parents.

Lower school conferences are the same length as in previous years (20 minutes each, scheduled on the half-hour), but scheduled over two days for more availability.

Signing Up for Conferences

Sign Ups Go Live Week of October 5th

The link to sign up for conferences will be available the week of October 5th, thus you will have two weeks to sign up for the slots you choose.

You will receive notification when it is available, and instructions will be provided for how to sign up.

If you have signed up for conferences in the past, it is the same system, but you will notice more teachers to choose from if you have middle school students (see image).

Childcare Options

Due to the fact we have added a second day to conferences and you were unaware of needing to be available for the Wednesday times, we wanted to provide for your possible childcare needs.

  • Extended care will have a program running on both days. A discount will be applied for Wednesday.
  • We are also experimenting with the idea of running Enrichment classes for students in grades K-4 during conferences on the extra day (Wednesday Only).

See Below for details on how to sign up for those options.

Enrichment Classes (K-4) Wednesday 10/21

Wednesday, Oct. 21st, 8:30am-3:30pm

On campus

As an fun and interesting educational opportunity for one of the conference days, Wednesday, lower school enrichment teachers will be offering two hour classes on various subjects, at no charge to parents.

Students may sign up for one or more classes, and may also attend the classes in conjunction with using our extended care program. At the end of each classes, students not attending extended care will be taken to the carpool area for pick-up.

Please note that the classes all have grade level designations and limits on numbers. Sign ups will be on a first-come, first served basis.

Extended Programs Conference Childcare

Extended Programs will be staffed and running full days for both conference days.

As in the past, Extended programs offers drop-in childcare free of charge to those parents who need childcare while they are in a parent-teacher conference.

Additionally, they also offer partial/full day childcare for the working parent from 7:30-6:00pm on each day.

  • On Wednesday, normal school day charges will apply after 3pm (program is free of charge up to this time)

  • On Thursday normal non-school day fees will apply ($25 for 5 hours or less; $50 for anything over 5 hours).

Please notify Mr. Wolfe if you need this option, but drop-ins are always welcome.