Mohammad Ali Jinnah

Mohammad Ali Jinnah, 1942

Mohammad Ali Jinnah

Mohammad Ali Jinnah was born on December 25th 1876. He is Muslim. He trained to be a lawyer in Bombay. He was elected the president of the Muslim League in 1916, only three years after joining it. He is mainly known for role in gaining the independence of India from Britain and basically creating Pakistan. India was under British rule from the mid 1800's to the early 1900's. Mohammad Ali Jinnah was one of Gandhi's partners. Although they had some disagreements with each other, they remained good friends. He made very important decisions impacted the future of India greatly.

Mohammad Ali Jinnah, Independence of India and the beginning of Pakistan

Mohammad Ali Jinnah was instrumental to India gaining independence from Britain. When they were on the journey of obtaining independence, he always had one thing in mind, and that was to make sure Muslims were not being mistreated. The biggest way he did this was The Partition. He made a different country for primarily Muslims. After the Partition he made independent Pakistan. He made it for many reasons (as stated in paragraph ). Independent Pakistan was made in 1947, on August 14th. Then he was made the first governor general of Pakistan. If he did not make Pakistan, many things would have gone terribly wrong.

Mohammad Ali Jinnah and The Partition

Perhaps one of the most important decisions that Mohammad Ali Jinnah ever made was to go with The Partition. The Partition was the separation of the Muslims and the Hindus in both India and Pakistan. After India gained independence, many of the independence leaders wanted all of south Asia to be one country; India. This means that the independence leaders wanted South Asia to become India, including Gandhi. Mohammad Ali Jinnah wanted the Partition to happen for numerous reasons. The biggest concern for him, was that Muslims would be treated as second class citizens. He thought this because the ratio of Hindus to Muslims was not equal at all. The Hindus dominated over Muslim population, with the Hindus having 240 million, and the Muslims having only 90 million. The Hindus would dominate political leadership too. Gandhi did not want this to happen. He even told Mohammad Ali Jinnah that he would be the first leader of it, but he stayed firm with his opinion. The Partition made millions of Muslims ,who had lived in India, to move into Pakistan, and then millions of Hindus, who had lived in Pakistan to India.
Left: What India would have looked like if The Partition did not occur

Right: Present India, Pakistan, and Bangledesh

Did you know that.....?

Did you know that Mohammad Ali Jinnah died of tuberculosis in 1948?

Did you know that Mohammad Ali Jinnah's nickname is The Father of Pakistan?